Lesbian bullshit
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2001-07-03 03:20:17 (UTC)

OMG!! My dad found out!!

Today has to have been like the second worse
thing that has ever happened to me in my intire
life!! My father's girlfriend found out that I had
bought a porno over the television!! You know what
the worst part about it was??...The porno wasn't a
regular man and women porno, it was a women and
women porno!! They didn't mention that part to me
but I'm almost positive that they know the truth.
But what made me mad was my dads girlfriend found
out and then she told my father and I'm sooo
embarrassed!! I'm not even speaking to my dad's
girlfriend as of today and I don't know what to
say to my father. I dunno, I think it is almost
time I come out of the closet anyway about being
lesbian but I'm not sure. Besides, why should they
know something like that ahbout me anyway, I mean
its totally my own private secret and I shouldn't
have to tell my parents or anyone I don't feel
comfortable telling ya'know? Well I g2g, I'll write
later-tomorrow, bye diary-baby.