Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-07-21 00:50:44 (UTC)

Nowt much to mention

There hasn't been very much happening over the last couple
of days. Well with me anyway. I suppose a bit has been
happening with the rest of the group. Yesterday (Friday)
was quite a depressing little book of revelations. I knew
that Sarah had been sectioned but it seems the time she's
in Dykebar (I'm guessing its Dykebar) has ben extended to
six months. Then I learn that there was a family history
of Schitzophrenia and that her older sister had suffered
from it in the past. Then I learn that she is leaving her
husband or the husband is leaving her. It never ends. I
got all this information from Christine whom visited Sarah
sometime back. Christine says that Dykebar is nice and
looks like a normal estate. I've never been to Dykebar
(that I know of but my memory is terrible) but when I
think of it, I don't see the sanitarium of the 1800's
where people with mental problems were carted off and put
in small rooms with blood soaked walls. Society as a whole
has evolved far beyond that. But I'm guessing Christine
did expect something even remotely similar to that as I
could clearly hear the surprise in her voice when she was
talking about it.

Onto the next sad tale. Ruth's mother died three (I think)
years ago that day. There was talking of graves and how
each of us, except for the very fortunate Ian, didn't know
where/had never been to the graves of our departed loved
ones. Ruth said she forgot that it was that day and was
only reminded because one of her step-brothers was going
on about how it was his dad's death's anniversary the next
day. I can't even begin to guess how she felt but I know
what it feels like to forget a date as important as that
since I did it last year at University when it was
September 20th, the 3rd anniversary of my brother's death.
It wasn't pleasant to say the least.

After that brief depressing 40 odd minutes it was time for
the movie we were to see. "Bad Company" with Anthony
Hopkins and Chris Rock. It was quite good. Christine
seemed to believe that I was being overly mean to her. I
just think I was the same to her as I always am, she just
hasn't been near me for a while and has become unused to
the insolent remarks. Afterwards we were dropped off and I
went online for about an hour but was in no mood for
consciousness anymore and went to bed.

Very little happened today. The only thing worth
mentioning was when father spoke of my mother in the past
tense. It was probably unintentional but it pissed me off.
It was when I was playing "Worms Blast" on the PlayStation
2, father said something like "That's something your mum
would've liked". Well it was full of slang but its the
gist thats important. As much bad blood as there is
between my father and mother, I don't share it in any way.
If my father used it intentionally then its as if he's
saying something like "your mother is dead to me" and to
be perfectly honest, if I actually was sure he said it
intentionally I would have told him to shut the hell up
and to never speak in the past tense about my mother
again. This isn't some preferential treatment ot anything,
if my mother did the same thing on purpose I'd tell her
the same. Until they are in their graves I will never
speak in the past tense like that about any of my family.
Hell, most times I even speak about James in the present
tense and he's been dead for over three years. I'm
probably reading way too much into it but it really got to

I'm just being bitchy I suppose.

Till next time Space Kittens.

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