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2002-07-21 00:28:34 (UTC)

The Camping Trip

Well Kate and I both said we'd write in here last night but
neither of us did. (Surprise surprise..) anyways.. last
weekend.. wow.. what a weekend to remember. I only wish we
didn't have to!! On Sunday Kate, Jenn, Cody, Nathan, Aaron,
Brian, and I went camping. It would have been awesome. I
guess some of us should know better than to mix alcohol,
camping and the opposite sex together. I hooked up with
Cody....and his best friend Nathan. Dear God. Wow. Cody was
pissed. (he had every right to be.) He ended up throwing
and kicking shit around when he found out that Nathan and I
hooked up. Anyways here's the story.. the full story!!
Katie, Brian, Jenn, and I all loaded our shit into Brian's
car. (Along with some alcohol that Brian had brought up for
us all.) We set up the tent and waited for Cody to get off
work so he could come and we could all just hang out. So we
started drinking without them. Cody got off work a little
early and him and Aaron showed up, followed by Nathan. None
of us knew Nathan was going to be there. Anyways, we built
a fire and sat around drinking. Cody and I were hooking up
and being like a cute couple sort of thing. (Not that we're
together or we're going to be either.) So we're all just
sitting around and getting really drunk and someone really
pissed Nathan off. So he started to walk off and I followed
him hoping to calm him down. We sat on a little hill and
talked until he calmed down and we walked back to the fire.
I was back with Cody and Nathan sat down and everything was
fine and dandy. Then Nathan got pissed off again and
stormed off. I followed him again cuz I knew I could calm
him down and I don't like ppl being angry. (Long
story 'bout my aunt and uncle..bottom line..they're
seperated now.) So Nathan and I sat at on the big hill
thing and talked some more. We were talking about some girl
he liked and then he told me that Cody was probably just
using me for sex and that's why he invited me to go
camping. I was so upset. I almost started to cry. So I
asked Nathan what he was going for...either a relationship
or sex. He said he wanted a relationship. I kinda got the
idea of switching guys at that point. (Well not really
switching but just seeing what happened if I tried...) So I
kissed him. The weirdest thing happened. He kissed me back.
We kinda sat there hooking up and ppl kept calling me back
to the fire and I (being totally stupid) didn't listen.
Finally we went back over there and Nathan told Aaron what
happened. I went into the tent before realising that Cody
had my hoody. So I went to get my hoody (without shoes on)
and then out of nowhere I heard someone yell something and
Nathan told me to get in the truck. I was sooo scared. I
got in his truck and we drove up a hill a little ways. He
explained what happened and we talked for a little while
and hooked up at bit. Then (while I was somewhat straddling
him) we saw some headlights pulling up in front of us. It
was Aaron and Cody. Aaron came to my door and opened it and
told Nathan that Cody wanted to "talk" to him. I knew Cody
was just going to try to fight him so I wouldn't let that
happen.. I ended up telling Aaron to f*ck off. They left
and Nathan and I fell asleep in the truck. (It was nice cuz
we weren't hooking up at that point.. just holding
eachother... I was sitting on his lap.) We went back down
to the fire when we woke up (like four hours later) and we
sat there with Cody and Aaron. Neither of them said a word
to us. Nathan told me to get back in the truck and we drove
down to Robin's so he could get some coffee. We were both
still kinda drunk so it was kinda funny. When we got back I
said I was going to bed cuz I needed to sleep so I told
Nathan he could sleep in the tent too..(Cuz everyone else
was sleeping in there) He ended up taking over my bed and
he just held on to me while we slept. (Although he wouldn't
fall asleep until Cody and Aaron were gone.. they left
about twenty minutes after we went to bed.) Everytime he
heard them coming closer he'd let go of me and I thought it
was kinda funny. (But it also pissed me off.) In the
morning..well more like the afternoon..around 12..we tooke
down the tent and went home. I talked to Cody for five and
a half hours on MSN (broken up into a little less than
three hours each time.) We fought the entire time. I was
calm for the first bit.. then we'd fight (because he kept
telling me he was going to kill Nathan) and then I'd calm
down.. then we'd fight some more. After about two days of
not talking we finally resolved it (somewhat..) and we're
kinda talking now. The first time we tried talking it
almost turned back into a fight. He still hasn't talked to
Nathan and it's been almost a week now. I haven't even seen
Nathan since. I saw him driving his truck but we didn't
stop to talk because I was in Cody's car. He called me
twice and we talk on MSN. But I really can't see much
happening anymore. It's kinda bad that I did that all for
nothing. I was kinda hoping something good would come out
of it. Anyways I've spent a lot of time writing all this
and it's time for my to check my other diaries and possibly
write something in them too. Later.

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