starry nite

my own world
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2002-07-21 00:06:32 (UTC)

sugar shock

im in such a good mood right now. after i talked to steve
last nite i was in a good mood and today has been pretty
good as well. i layed around all day and did nothing most
of the day, then i went to great grandmas to clean and then
to grandmas house. we (me, her,chris, steve, and cassy)
went to the church festival thing. i had a snocone, fried
dough and ice cream. i think thats why i am hyper. all that
sugar. anyway i dont have anything to write about. i just
thought i would write that i was happy cuz no one isonline
to tell and usually my entries are about me being
depressed. so i would write something good for a change.
hehe i love being in a good mood. its such a rare thing but
when it happens its the greatest.