My Life.............
2002-07-20 23:20:09 (UTC)


I am so mad, i talked to my brother today, he told me that
Bill said the reason Holly and I are fighting is over him,
what an ego!!!!!!! Holly knows what she did, she turns
everything around on me, and i look bad, she told Doris a
whole bunch of crap and i got blamed for everythng, she
doesnt have a babysitter, so its my fault that she almost
quite her job, she told her that i slept with Bill, now she
told my stepdad that that reason she hit me is because she
thought me and andria were going to beat her up, this
comming from a woman who when she was pregnant smashed some
other person in the head with a phone because she was with
her boyfriend, and shes beat other people up, and she says
she was afraid of 2 people sitting in a car, she is the one
who reached in and punched me, we were leaving, i cant
believe how much she lies, and she knows how to get sympathy
off these people, i must be the only one who can see through
her stories, i cant even believe shes my sister!!!!!!!!

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