2002-07-20 22:33:54 (UTC)

A Quiet Afternoon

I spent part of yesterday afternoon going through my quilt
tops and quilt blocks. I took out a stack of nine patch
blocks made of feedsack fabric. I'd started piecing these
but hadn't finished so I decided to work on that for a
while. Hand piecing is very relaxing work. I have about 70
and want to have about 20 more so I hunted down my sacks of
vintage feedsack scraps and have marked and cut out some
more blocks. I'm worked on these in the morning.

The boys' Auntie Louise (my younger sister) brought all
three of them to the movies this afternoon with a stop in to
see my parents afterwards. They went to see the new
Harrison Ford movie. John is working day shift today so this
meant I had the house to myself. I napped, I quilted and I
napped. I did a little housework and puttered in the
backyard. I hung some laundry on the line, took it down
when it was dry, folded it and put it away. I listened to
the breeze blowing and the birds singing and the bees
humming. I had a lovely and quiet afternoon.