nothin left to say
2001-07-03 01:59:17 (UTC)

life just sucks dude. but its..

life just sucks dude. but its weird tho. everythin seems 2
be goin wrong, and i hate it, but im not panicin. thats a
good thing i guess. but shit all this shit about schools
and friends and sports and everything else is just
retarted. i wish i could just start over. start my whole
life over from front to back. u know? high school has like
fuckin ruined my life. i was cruisin u know, havin a good
time, doin good in everythin really. then i got transfered
schools. and everythin juss went down hill. i hate bitchin
cause im not that kinda kid. i dont complain. but this just
blows. my friends that ive known for so long, arent even my
friends anymore, so i dont want to go back to the old
school now. but i dont want to stay at my new school
either. the kids at my new school are so rich and so fake.
i just thank god that im not as spoiled and naive as those
kids. they immature, they take their parents money for
granted, and all that other stupid shit rich white boys do.
they live in their own little world basically. malvern prep
is it's own little universe for rich white boys and their
parents. i cant live like that. but i cant live like this
either. i DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. i dont know what to think.
i dont konw anything anymore. i cant even play any sports
cause of my fucked up knee. damn this sucks. but ill make
it. eventually. and im gonna look all those suckers in the
face when i make it pro or whatever, and im gonna laugh.