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2001-07-03 01:50:29 (UTC)

June 2, 2001 I know you all are getting bored w/this....

Well, this is my 4th entry today, and I gotta tell ya, this
is boring as hell. I keep talking about stupid stuff that
is not even important. Oh well, it's my diary so I can do
what i want. So I went to this band meeting tonight
right. And we get an intermission so we run over to this
guys house (me and Sheri) and we are like bangin on his
door and then he walks up behind us w/Sam and Tony. So we
stand there and talk for like 5 minutes and then we had to
book it back across the street so Sam just drove us in his
truck. And so we ride up the school and people are just
kinda starin and we were like hi, how ya doin. So we sat
there for a few more minutes and then we went inside and
they left. Me and Sheri were gonna go back over there
after the meeting but we couldn't make up anything to tell
my mom. Sheri went though cuz her mom let's her do stuff like that
w/out any questions. So we are gonna try to go to the carnival
tomorrow night and then I'm gonna stay at her house and then we will
go and chill at his house all day Wednesday which should be
fun. Anyway, I guess I'm gonna go now, so I can try to
convince my mom to let me do all this shit I wanna do the
next few days. I gotta suck up and clean my room or do the
dishes or something and then I'm definitely straight with
that. Peace.