Rebeccas Diary
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2001-07-03 01:41:15 (UTC)


ok whats the deal with the feedback feature? i sent
myself feedback as a joke and it didnt even work, but
whatever, so if you read my previous entrys can
someone help me here with feedback , i know im being
totally melodramatic but everythings confussing and im
bored as hell! tommorow im going to the mall with
ethan, i really hope Jonahs there. he probably wont be,
but i know ryan will be, another chance to talk to him :-) i
just hope that ugly blond girl isnt with him (there not
dating they work together) but i dunno as krissy says,
"ya live ya die" johnes going to africa, im gunna miss
him like crazy, cause then this will be the onnly pplace a
i can rant, and i never get any feedback anyways so this
is gunna suck! well somegive give me advice or
feedback cause god knows i need it.

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