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2002-07-20 16:26:12 (UTC)

the dream about the huge explosion

There were hundreds of people in a huge room
surrounded by glass windows. I knew a lot of poeple I
knew were there too, and I was looking for them.
Suddenly, something from outside one of the window
came crashing into a window, causing it to smash.
This set the rest of the windows smashing too, and
suddenly everyone was running for their lives, trying to
escape the building. As I was also trying to escape, I
kept trying to find people I knew, to make sure they
hadn't been injured or killed. I saw one friend and
immediately ran up to him, giving him a big hug, and
saying I loved him, I was so happy to see that he was

I noticed then that I had someone's belonging. It
was someone I knew, but not personally. I began
looking for her too. Suddenly I saw a friend of mine who
died in real life recently, and I remember seeing her
and thinking, oh my god, you ARE alive! We thought you
were dead! I never found out whether she escaped the
falling building though.

Then I bumped into someone else, who I thought was a dear
friend of mine. I began talking to him and hugging him too, but
the man turnedaround and said that he wasn't the person I
thought he was. He was right...I didn't find that friend.

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