point of a distorted view
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2002-07-20 15:36:17 (UTC)

Dreams Suck

I had a freaky dream last night. It involved a guy I used
to know. I saw him again and we talked and I made out with
him all the time. I still remember his phone number. We
used to be great friends. I am too afraid to call him
though. ugh.

Quotes of the day: I can't decide! 1. "Find a cheerleader
and saw her legs off"-Jhonen Vasquez(ALL HAIL)in johnny the
DEAD homocidal maniac. 2. "God, where the hell do you
keep the mops?" Also from that comic. 3. "Minimoose,
gently chew upon his head until he is sad" What do you
know, another jhonen quote. This one is from an invader
zim comic. 4. "Breathe or I'll take the sock out of your
mouth!" That one's original! NNY!
Word of the day: Not real: Pyrotastic!
means: hmm...I wonder
I give credit to that word to Angela.
Phrase of the day: "You're a Bobbely headed wob!"
wise one: I am my own cheese topping. I have to give
credit to melly, for that one.

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