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2001-07-02 23:11:16 (UTC)

July 02, 2001

Today was going to be hot, she knew it as soon as she
opened her front door and felt the sun on her face. It was
still early, and she was glad that she got motivated to run
before the sun had a change to warm the ground.

She hated to run, but she hated being fat even more. So
here she was, in shorts and a tank-top, her hair pulled up
in a ponytail and her skin covered in SPF 45. She put her
headphones on and started out the door.

She ran through her neighborhood, down the path to the park, the same
route she always takes. With the music filling her ears she didn't
even notice the white van parked on the curb until the man yelled a
second time.

"Excuse me Miss, can you help me?" he cried.

She turned to look at him, she stood still, but did not move towards
him. "Please, I'm lost" he said, softer now that he had her
attention. He fumbled with the map in her hand, and pointed to one of
the red lines. "Can I get to Highway 88 from here?"

She noded, and as soon as she could open her mouth to explain he
interrupted her, "No,no you need to show me or I won't remember."
This might have sounded odd to her if her own husband wasn't such a
visual person himself.

She walked cautiously towards the van, purposely rolling her fingers
over her wedding ring, she was hoping that the light would catch the
diamonds and he would notice that she was married. She had planned to
reach out with that hand to point to the map.

But when she got within arms reach he grabbed her. She felt the
strong figners wrap around her arms and felt herself trying to pull
away but in her stunned condition it all seemed unreal to her. Until
she heard the door slam and felt the jolt of the van pulling away.

"What the hell..." she began, but it was too late. Even as she was
flailing around and trying to take punches at him, he was able to
force her to the floor. Lieing on her stomach pinned under his weight
as he knelt on her back she felt him take a fistful of her hair and
use it to yank her head back

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