Electric monkey
2001-07-02 23:02:49 (UTC)

the wagner game takes its toll

im listening to Cardboard and talking to people. my day was
pretty good. went downtown with jessica and followed
jonathan and his friend, adam, around. pretty much the
whole afternoon. then we came back to my house and we
practiced up on our new song. im trying to think of some
more things to do on the guitar to make some new songs too.
it seems fun, and i enjoy it.
Graham called me from Louisville a few minutes ago, that
was nice.
Tomorrow is going to be cool. lots of people are coming
over to my house and we're going to set off a ton of
fireworks. it should be fun if noone catches themselves on
fire. heh.
Then on the forth we're all going to see the fireworks at
the stadium. weehoo. party party.
summer seems to be going a little fast now. which isnt too
good. summer should last forever. but ive got to think
possitivly and think about how im a senior now and then
college will be here.. which isnt too good either, but oh
well. i cant wait till the 8th gets here. parents are
leaving for chicago and then off to journalism camp. then
birthday time, and then the rest of the summer to do
i should go, bye bye.

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