Lana's Journal
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2002-07-20 11:29:05 (UTC)

The Trip

I haven't been stoned/trashed for like a week now I think.
I couldn't really do anything in QLD so there was no point
I guess. Anyways, Animal spent the whole time greiving over
Goat and Cindy was depresso coz of her love life problems.
Animal ate shitloads of McDonalds and Milo's and we all
drowned our sorrows (although I can't remember any) on
Vodka. The chips were pretty good up there but that's only
coz Queenslanders are slow and they have alot of free time
on their hands to perfect simple things. How sad. The
biggest amount of physical activity we got up to was riding
our bikes or walking somewhere. I'd like to send a big '
Damn you Salzar' out to Cindy for keeping me up till the
wee hours when I wanted to go to sleep with gay questions
and a 'Damn you Salzar' to Animal for intoxicating the bed
we shared and for waking me up. I'd like to thank Apu,
Gavin and the yummy gingerbread men for getting me through
the rough patches. Ummm., I think I got off on something
else coz I was seeing Gavin without being trashed which
really isn't right. Animal kept getting itchy nabs and so
did I from the damn bikes. Cindy was hitting on a queeroid
from Adelaide and the 'sick dirty man with kids' kept
staring at Animal's jugs in the spa. Anyways, we got pised on the
beach which was alright and I saw a spaz from my school up there.
I'll tell you about it later....

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