When Your Strange.....
2002-07-20 09:45:00 (UTC)

New User....Hopefully I am not too boring.

Well I am fairly new to this diary thing but I think it is
a good and positive thing to do. All my life I have self-
contained all my feelings and troubles. I have never
really told anyone everything. Right now my life is kinda
how do you say "messed up". There are alot of things going
on right now. My family is in total disaray. Where to
begin? Well I have one brother and two sisters, my brother
is in Prison for being a very stupid and self-centered
person. My oldest sister is a lesbian, wait maybe she is
Bi-sexual I am not really sure. Anyway she has a son that
she totally is being a shit too. She never spends time
with him, which pisses me off to no end. I have a
womanizing father who was never there for us kids when we
were growing up. He is now on like his 12th woman in like
the past 5 years, sad if you ask me. Other than those
things everything is pretty normal I guess, I just work and
go out with my friends when I can. I have the most
wonderful girlfriend is the whole wide world I think. She
makes me happy and helps me thru the shit, ya know. It is
good have someone to help you thru tough shit. There are
times that I don't know what I would have done without her
help. Well I hope that people read this and give me some
feed back. I am off to bed for now.............

Later all,

"We all shine on"