OnLy ½ Of Me Is KnOwN
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2001-07-02 22:36:29 (UTC)

¤ LoVe ¤

** I woke up in the momrning thinking about love, fell
asleep at night thinking about love, and during all the
hours in between, I found myself thinking about love-I was
taken over by emotions I hadn't quite figured out, emotions
that I couldn't control. Overnight, I changed into the sort
of girl I'd once disdained. Like others, I waited for the
phone to rung. I measured out my life in love poems. Dark,
Tragic, intesnse love poems. My heroines were Juliet,
Ophelia, Tess, Anna Karenina, women who came to sad ends.
Like them, I'd be destroyed... He would break my heart,
he'd leave me, I knew he would, yet I couldn't stop loving
him... **

That is something I read, I changed a few words around ...
but, I thought that was .. deep .. ? I dunno, but I REALLY
liked it so I thought I would put it in here ... I don't
quite love Terry. I just like him a lot :-D But I'mma go
for now ....

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