Cute Chaos

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2002-07-20 06:57:14 (UTC)

Catch-up... July 15th

Amber called early today and wanted me to come over. I am
so happy because I have not talked with her in a while. I
got to drive around and Amber was amazed at how well I was
driving. She told me that her first time driving her dad
told her to get into the far left lane and she did. With on
coming traffic. Sounds like Amber. We got to talk thought
about everything that had been going on. She is like my
mom! The kids and I played jump rope. Zach is really
getting good and MJ was just getting the hang of it. Boys
playing jump rope... it was cute! Amber and I went for a
bike ride and amber almost got killed. She rode right out
in front of a moving truck. Amber would have been SPLAT on
the road. Although we had a really good bike ride of an
hour I wanted to keep going. I was really pumped up and
just getting started. Plus, there were a lot of hot guys
driving around. Amber missed her physiologist appointment,
but we had fun. She was grateful that I was with her.
Usually she goes with Mandy and gets all stressed while
Mandy bitches out every car and complains about how she is
tired. What is really sad is that Mandy is about 21!

BIG NEWS! I made my appointment at Planned Parenthood to
get check for STD's. It is on Thursday at 1:00. Oh I hope
that I am clean.


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