Cute Chaos

2002-07-20 06:45:29 (UTC)

Catch-up... July 14th

I was up late last night baby-sitting for the angels! I
slept almost until one in the afternoon. I was really tired
and so stiff when I woke up. I took a two-hour soak in the
tub hoping to easy my muscles but it did not work. I won't
tell Chris but I am damn sore from tubing. They could not
have been taking it light cause if they were why would I be
so stiff.

I pretty much blew my day away sleeping and soaking in the
tub. Although I did go over to Wally's at about 5 p.m. They
were putting Wally's bike back together and we just joked
around. Rode up to the bar and thought about getting ice
cream but no one had money. Rusty came over while we were
over by the trampoline. I think it is funny cause he seems
to only come around when I am there. He almost ran me
over... and he remembers about my airplane game (free kiss
from boy toy for every airplane spotted although I would
like to know how well Rusty kisses)! I guess he left right
after I did. Funny, funny!

Well there was the highlight of my day! So fun,


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