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2001-07-02 21:49:55 (UTC)

July 2, 2001 round 3

Damn, I am so bored it's not even funny. I am debating
whether or not to go over to this guy's house tonight.
That should prove to be exciting. Or at least trying to
convince my mom to let me go should be more exciting than
anything else. Not really, that should be more like a
fight scene from WWF or some shit. But really I hate
wrestling, that fake shit. Of course I like watching it
when it's like school wrestling and its muscular guys in
tight guys I see from day to day at
school..that's what I call wrestling. But oh well, what
the hell am I talking about wrestling for? What a boring
day this has been...and what a boring diary entry.
Goodness, this is boring. Whoever is reading this must be
bored out of there mind too. Oh well, I feel lonely. Why
can't there be any halfway decent guys interested in me
that I'm interested in??? Damn. Stress is bad, why am I
stressing over something as stupid as this? I have no
clue, lol. Oh well, i better go now.