Cute Chaos

2002-07-20 06:37:16 (UTC)

Catch-up... July 13th

Well today I went boating with Chris and Wally. It was a
lot of fun. Wally was funny to watch bounce around. Chris
was trying to show off. And I went last. They say that he
was being easy on me because of my bathing suit bottoms but
I was still getting flipped around (and I did lose my
bottoms! lol). I caught like 4 feet of air too it was
sweet! I also tied Wally for best dump. It was cool because
the coast guard was on the lake practicing rescue diving.
After tubing we went swimming. It was really shallow but
cool. I kept trying to fight Wally. I was getting mad cause
he would keep getting me down so I decided if I depant him
he would go down. Even that did not work! Man I guess I
just suck at fighting... I am still a man-beater though! WE
hung out at Wally’s house after swimming and he brother
Timmy is in town. GROSS! Timmy is just weird, not to be
mean but he is. Then Chris and Wally run around saying that
he wants to do me, NASTY! YUCK! GROSS! I cannot express in
words my feelings of violation!

I baby-sat for the neighbor again. He kids are so well
behaved. I feel like I should be getting paid 2 dollars an
hour not 5! They listened when I wanted them to come inside
and take a bath. Greg had stories picked out already for us
to read at bedtime. They are just the greatest little kids.
So cute too. Today is my last day for a while. Thank
goodness I get a break from kids though, I need some time
for myself!

I got news today on my mom. She called after I got back
from tubing. She is being lowered into minimum security and
will be on work release. She could get out any day. God...
why didn't this wait for 7 more months. Then I would be 16
and able to handle things with the courts a little better.
All I know is that this really sucks.


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