Diary of a young singer
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2002-07-20 05:47:08 (UTC)

Better Day!!

Ha ha, if u read my last journal entry, then you know about the
whole "if ur looking for a bf....." thing!! Well this morning i get
a strage message from Jasmine "im interested....." I like what the
hell? So I ask, and shes like in ur like Oh jesus!!!
Well, i guess jasmine likes me or something, who the hell knows why!
But ok! So neways, my day was good, i hung with shaina, and then we
had sean's SURPRISE birthday party funn funn.... really it was fun!
Then I came home and had a long conversation with me friend
SARA....oh it was nice talking to her, knowing whats wrong! AND IM
STILL IN LOVE....and its not with the the angel....dont get me wrong
i still LOVE the angel, im just talking about someone else.....

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