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2001-07-02 20:55:33 (UTC)

my weekend

Moinday, July 2 2001

My weekend has been a blur. Full of good times, bad times
and confusion. On Sat I went to Justins party. I got drunk,
it was sweet. I fell asleep with Brian late that night. I
guess I was sober by then. We had a 2 hour talk about life.
It was really nice. Usually I hate talking to real people
about my feelings... but he was really cool. We both have
the same philosophical thinking. Basically parents and
church conspiracy and corruption suck. We solved all the
worlds problems... we have to kill everybody else and start
fresh. Yeah, theres more to it but I dont want to get into
that right now.

And then Darrell came to my place the next day. It was nice
to see him. I like him a lot. I dont know if he had a good
time. I had an ok time, but it was pretty boring. He thinks
Im a freak probably... We were driving back to my house from
Dairy Queen and I hit a cat. I freaked out and cried and
made him drive back. (I dont know what was wrong with me
that night, I was driving like an idiot.. I had a glass of
wine 2 hours earlier.. but I dont think it would have
affected me). He was pretty cool about it though. We parked
and talked and he made me feel better. Even though he didnt
share my views on the situation (bloody murder!) he listened
and talked back like he felt the same way.
Now Darrell is gone. I hope he has a few good memories at
least. I do. He slept over and left this afternoon. I
really wasnt expecting him to stay overnight, but it was all
good. We watched some movies. It would have been more fun
if the weather had been nice! It was freezing cold and
really windy. We didnt go swimming, and the fireworks were
cancelled. sucky.

Why did Darrell come and see me? I asked him on ICQ if he
was going to come and visit me sometime and it just went from
there. He must have wanted to come, afterall he drove 3
hours to get here. Was it just to say hi? Or was it more?
Nothing actually happened but I think that was because I
didnt show any signs of being interested. He brought me a bag
of hershey kisses. But he brought my parents one too! And he
was pretty touchy feely so...?? I guess it was nothing, just
a visit from a friend. Do I wish it had been more?

Oh, Curt is next door visiting my neighbours with his parents
and he didnt even come over to say hi! Rachel said he was
talking to her last night and he said that he was going to
come over and see me. Idiot. I dont want to go over there,
ciz his parents dont like me (long story) so... oh well. I
just sit here and surf the net. What a life I have.

Maybe Ill go to bed. I havnt had much sleep this weekend and
I have to work at 8:30 tomorrow.


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