Get with my program or get off my case.
2001-07-02 20:49:50 (UTC)

Senior Portraits and other random stuff.

It's Monday. Again. Oh well, at least it's summer right?
I don't really mind school, I like seeing my friends and
stuff, it's just seeing my 2 ex-boyfriends that I hate.
See, Edward was my best friend for half a year. He came to
visit me over the summer a few times, and a week before
school started he asked me out. (I said yes because I was
majorly in love with him already.) So he knew my whole
schedule, what lunch I had, where my classes were, and what
route I took to every class, because he walked with me
whenever he could. He also knew where my locker was and
who I walked to class with when he couldn't be there.
There are some people who don't like me, believe it or
not... Edward was assigned to be my protector when my other
ex, Michael, disappeared from school without a trace. So
Edward was my shadow, my big brother, and my protector. He
got other people to watch out for me when he couldn't. So
I wasn't in any danger, but the fact that he knew all about
me also meant that when we broke up he could find me any
time. Which he did. I'm a loner alot of the time, and I
have been battling depression since my parents' divorce six
years ago. I have attempted suicide a few times (never
even coming close), and Edward knew this. So even when we
broke up, he still wanted to see me to make sure I wasn't
getting depressed again. The reason: he still loved me.
Thing is, I still loved him too. And still do. But my
mother... anyway we won't go there. Back to the point, he
and I have been forbidden to speak to each other, and for
all that I love him, I tried to apologize through a mutual
friend and he yelled at her. Wouldn't even listen to her.
So I'm pissed off at him because he is a self-centered
asshole. Love bites.
Well, the reason that this is titled Senior Portraits is my
senior portraits are this Thursday. I have my outfit all
picked out, I'm going to wear a multi-shaded blue shirt,
one of those one-size-fits-all deals that stretches to both
ends of the moon, go to Wal-Mart that's where I got mine, a
pair of moss colored Lee Carpenter jeans, black leather
shin-high boots, and a black leather belt. Hopefully
they'll be good pictures.
My dog is a goon, he ate some chocolate chip oatmeal
cookies today. So if he starts acting weird I'm going to
call the vet. But right now he's being his normal rowdy
self. Unfortunately.
Well, the song for today is "Shackled" by Vertical Horizon.
"My shackles, you won't be, and my rapture, you won't
believe, and deep inside you will bleed for me... my
laughter, you won't hear, the faster, I disappear, and time
will burn your eyes..." -"Shackled" by Vertical Horizon.
I hope that this is entertaining to someone out there. If
anyone is craving personal conversation, my e-mail is
[email protected]