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2002-07-20 04:20:31 (UTC)

I'm here...

You know how I wrote about my diverse friendships? Well
today was one of those days, where things started going
downhill, and I knew that I don't have any friends nearby
that would call up and make me feel better about it.
Actually, I don't think I have very many friends that would
call up, or contact me in any way just to check what's up.

Too bad that the only true friend is far away in
Callifornia. The one who made my day by sending me the
biggest diary reply. This made reminded me that my supposed
friends are nothing special. I SO LOVE MY SISTER VERY


P.S. I just saw an airline commercial. Only 34 dollars for
a roundtrip. Or even if it's one way, then it's still 68
dollars. I can make that happen. It's just a thought.
Summer school ends August 9th. School starts September 3rd.
So that would be practically a month. The offer ends August
1st. I'll start talking to my parents about it tomorrow.
Hopefully they'll agree and this deal won't be a scam. I'm
really doubting this will happen though. As usual. I LOVE
YOU still.