I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-07-20 03:08:42 (UTC)


Well, we've been begging different businesses for donated
items for a silent auction at my brother's school. One of
the things we've recieved is a cruise on the St. John's
River (the only river in the US that flows north by the
way). It's for a couple of hours or so. Anyways, the
brochure is next to me, and I have been looking at it.
They have a dinner and dancing cruise!! What a rocking
thing to do on a date, don't you think?

Here's what it says: A cruise for the true romantics.
Bounteous (though who says bounteous anymore anyways?)hors
d'oeuvres and plump chilled shrimp begin your evening.
Order your favorite cocktail, enjoy a splendid dinner and
a smooth cruise with excellent entertainment for dancing.
Come enjoy the tranquil and moonlit waters of the
beautiful St. Johns River.

Wow, that would rock. To be whisked away and not told
where we were going...a moonlit cruise and then dancing
the night away....let me tell you, he (whoever it is
taking me)would definately get lucky that night!!

I don't think I am particularly romantic. I wish I was but
I'm not. But I would love to be romanced, to have a
creative person shower me with that attention. Though, I
love any type of attention that is shown to me, but moving
on, I would like to try the romantic type.

Yup yup.


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