the ups and downs of my life
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2002-07-20 03:02:49 (UTC)

omg life is so sad

when did life get hard. my one fri4nd justin says he wants
to die like this one kid did that couldnt stop and got ran
over buy a tractor trailer. they think he might have been a
dare devil though.

my cousin told me last night that she cut heself a few
months ago and i didnt know if i should tell someone cuz
she told me not too but i ended up telling my mom after i
cried fo rlike 10 mins trying to figure out what to do.
my mom hasnt tod anyone yet though and opefully she can
just say she read my im when i was typing it or something
so ash wont be mad at me.

bob has to have a life or death surgery. its just so sad.

well i went bowling today it was fun i have nt done it in a
long time.....

yeah it rained today that means the grass will grow and i
will cut it and make money.yeah for me. lol

tomorrow i am going to go to the movies and see mr deeds
with my tow friends jess and tracy should be fun

well i guess that is it for now