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2001-07-02 20:20:09 (UTC)

July 2, 2001 again

Hey Hey Hey, here I am again, still bored as hell. You
know what? I just met this really cool guy a few days
ago. Well, I kinda already met him before, as a joke and
it was kinda messed up but we did meet formally this time.
But anyway, I mean he is kinda a little old for me maybe,
I'm not really sure. And it's like I had a really long
conversation with him the other night, and it wasn't like
deep or anything but it was like still a pretty big
conversation for just meeting somebody. And he seems like a
really nice guy and I find myself thinking about talking to
him a lot now. Do I even want to get into this? I mean it
would be cool to have a guy to talk to about stuff all the
time but it's weird, it's like I feel this instant
attraction to him, but I can't explain what kind of
attraction this is. It's really weird. But I mean I
really like talking to him, even if we are just sittin here
talking about how much we hate our jobs and shit like that,
lol. I get excited over him saying the stupidest shit.
What's my problem, lol?