Nate Dog

What's Up With Nate Dog?
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2001-07-02 19:52:07 (UTC)

Booty Mack Attack

for the purposes of explaining this diary properly, i shall
begin by saying that, due to my summarily odd but
existentially benign "ways", i created this diary for the
purposes of explaining to myself my own inner nature.
while this mission of self-awareness could certainly be
accomplished without the aid of a diary, and on that note,
without an electronic one, it would certainly not be as
entertaining, or embarrassing.
i have already, as the Romans put it, been "called on my
shit" by the very same person that my original diary
content was written about. however, as all things take
their course, she took it quite well, letting me know, that
above all things, the rather easy, and always sleazy "Booty
Mack Attack" had done its job.
because see, above all things, my self awareness is, in
essence a way to come to terms with my own flowing mana of
mack. the fact that i, more than most people, carry an
extraordinary amount of mack, can only be justified through
an online diary. that way, i have the power to share my
mack through the wondrous technology of the internet.

that having been said, i am probably not making much sense.
this is justified, and bettered, by the fact that at the
moment, i am listening to Chamberlain.


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