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2001-07-02 19:49:58 (UTC)

*~Last Night~*

I had a big conversation with Brandon last night.

KrystalFaerie322: look, i'm sorry about today and i know
you probably don't ever want to talk to me again, but i
just wanted to say i'm sorry
MidKnightXtreme: .......hmmmpf
KrystalFaerie322: i really am sorry
MidKnightXtreme: ......nopt that it matters to me but you
are forgiven
KrystalFaerie322: thank you
KrystalFaerie322: and i know this probably doesnt matter,
but i was not trying to piss you off today
MidKnightXtreme: attempt.........Failure
KrystalFaerie322: if i was trying to, then you would know it
MidKnightXtreme: ......
KrystalFaerie322: i saw you and ron while i was walking
MidKnightXtreme: so
KrystalFaerie322: just sayin, geez
KrystalFaerie322: can i ask you something, not to start
anything and not to make you get all defensive?
MidKnightXtreme: go 'head
KrystalFaerie322: why is it that whenever i try and talk to
you , about anything good or bad, it appears that you get
an attitude with me when there is no reason for it?
MidKnightXtreme: are the one who liked my
KrystalFaerie322: yea, i liked it when it was called for
MidKnightXtreme: Nothing has changed you just don't like
the way i'm handling it
KrystalFaerie322: i just never noticed you giving me an
attitude before
MidKnightXtreme: you didn't want to i
said nothing has changed you just don't like why it's being
directed at you
KrystalFaerie322: i understand that
KrystalFaerie322: i'll brb
KrystalFaerie322: i'm back
KrystalFaerie322: i know that you have been getting pissed
off at me quite a bit lately
MidKnightXtreme: naw ...Really?
KrystalFaerie322: i don't know what to do to keep you from
getting pissed off at me
MidKnightXtreme: ......."Dare to Talk to me
MidKnightXtreme"......Hmmm Interesting
KrystalFaerie322: no, it isnt just you that it says that to
KrystalFaerie322: i put the %5 in there so it says that to
everyone who reads that
MidKnightXtreme: ......i dare to talk to you........
MidKnightXtreme: Now What!?
KrystalFaerie322: and i'm glad that you do
KrystalFaerie322: can i ask you something else?
MidKnightXtreme: i'm waiting
KrystalFaerie322: why does everything i say to you piss you
MidKnightXtreme: it's not everything you say it's the
incredibly dumb shit and the shit about"when you make a
promise keep it" that pisses me off........
MidKnightXtreme: i've given you far too many warnings that
i didn't want to hear that shit.........
KrystalFaerie322: i'm sorry
MidKnightXtreme: and what did you do keep asking and
accussing and whining and aploigizing..........
KrystalFaerie322: ok i get it.......i've become annoying
MidKnightXtreme: and could not take it anymore i tried to
walk off form you so i would not have to say it......but
what did you do........
KrystalFaerie322: there is only one reason i said that
outside today
MidKnightXtreme: you walked up and kept it going........
MidKnightXtreme: Y?
KrystalFaerie322: thats because i am the kind of person
that has to talk stuff out, i cant just walk away from it
KrystalFaerie322: Y? because i was taught that when you
tell someone you are going to do something that you do it,
if you can't, you tell them that you can't
KrystalFaerie322: and i fully understand that not everyone
is like me
MidKnightXtreme: look........understand this.........
MidKnightXtreme: if i over looked you to keep someone in my
family from going to jail........too bad......i'm sorry it
seemed more important to keep him from being locked up than
to explain why i wasn't coming back.....
MidKnightXtreme: Contrary to popular belif i never found
you annoying........
MidKnightXtreme: until .......the bullshit got started for
the 2nd time "if you didn't want to be with me why didn't
you just say so"........
MidKnightXtreme: Remeber that?
KrystalFaerie322: i told you outside that i understood why
you didnt tell me, i understood that after you told me out
in the hall
KrystalFaerie322: i was asking you about what i had heard
and i had apologized for it to sound like i was accusing
you of it
MidKnightXtreme: do you remeber me telling you not to
listen to what other people are saying?......
KrystalFaerie322: yes i do
MidKnightXtreme: and you agreed.......
KrystalFaerie322: yes i did
MidKnightXtreme: and what the fuck did you turn around and
do" well ron and langston said......"well ron
said"......."I heard"
MidKnightXtreme: bullshit
KrystalFaerie322: but at the same have done it
as well
MidKnightXtreme: to show you what the fuck it was
MidKnightXtreme: not very soothing is it?
KrystalFaerie322: and i really sucks which
is why i am doing my damndest to stop
KrystalFaerie322: *just to let you know, i remembered what
it was that deBBie told me*
MidKnightXtreme: really?
MidKnightXtreme: what was it?
KrystalFaerie322: what was said to me was that i really
like you, but that you don't like me as much, thats what
was told me (which i didnt believe )
MidKnightXtreme: thats the bullshit i'm talking
about..........everybody hasto add something even more
fucked up to the equation......whether its ron or Langston
or's always something.......and i 've had
KrystalFaerie322: and i just told you that i didnt believe
MidKnightXtreme: did i say you beleived it?
KrystalFaerie322: no you didnt
MidKnightXtreme: enough said
KrystalFaerie322: okay
KrystalFaerie322: i don't have very much common sense...but
i am not weak-minded
MidKnightXtreme: i'm not listen to any one but
me ........i'm not following anyone but me......andi do not
care what happens to anyone but me.......
MidKnightXtreme: i've been pushed too far
KrystalFaerie322: okay...fine.
MidKnightXtreme: and all that bull shit in the e-mail you
MidKnightXtreme: talking about what a realtionship
KrystalFaerie322: but even though you don't care about
anyone else, i will still care about you
MidKnightXtreme: all i have to say is this...........

MidKnightXtreme: I know enough to now that you have to be
fair, trusting,and loyal..........i've been all to the best
of my lets see how EVERYONE......Not just
You Everyone likes me when i Look out for myself and say
fuck everyone else.........
MidKnightXtreme: and thats all i have to say about that
KrystalFaerie322: okay, i understand
MidKnightXtreme: anything else you have on your mind while
i'm in a "good" mood
KrystalFaerie322: yea....whether anyone still believes it
or not, i still love you
MidKnightXtreme: we'll see.............
MidKnightXtreme: that's all i have to say about that
KrystalFaerie322: now, may i say something about myself?
MidKnightXtreme: go ahead
KrystalFaerie322: i understand that all my friends are
different...i know that i cannot please everyone at the
same time. i know that i can act really fucking stupid
sometimes...but when it comes to someone calling me weak-
minded? if i am so weak-minded, then how come i try to go
to all the options of a problem, work it out? if i am so
weak-minded, why do i have the courage to stand up for
myself? you are not the only one who has called me weak-
minded. I have had a lot of people tell me that....... You
don't like being lied to or being jerked around by someone.
I don't like people telling me that I am something which i
am not. i don't want you to get defensive about what i just
wrote. it is something i am going to end up telling everyone
MidKnightXtreme: done?
KrystalFaerie322: yea
MidKnightXtreme: anyways........anything else
KrystalFaerie322: um...
KrystalFaerie322: yea...can you answer me something? if you
don't want to you don't have to
MidKnightXtreme: .....
KrystalFaerie322: u know i still love you even after all
the fighting and crap we have been doing...i was just
wanted to you still love me after all this?
MidKnightXtreme: we'll see.........
KrystalFaerie322: okay, that's fair
KrystalFaerie322: has langston and ron ordered their belts
MidKnightXtreme: don't know........
KrystalFaerie322: is there anything you would like to say
to me?
MidKnightXtreme: no
KrystalFaerie322: like i said in that email i sent you (and
i am not trying to feel sorry for myself or whatever) but
i'm sorry for the shit i've caused you
MidKnightXtreme: hmmpf...........i said you were
MidKnightXtreme: i won't forget it
KrystalFaerie322: i didnt think you would forget it
KrystalFaerie322: just like me....i can hardly forget
KrystalFaerie322: i have another yahoo screen name
MidKnightXtreme: ummmkay.....
KrystalFaerie322: its ice_princess_co02
MidKnightXtreme: ......
KrystalFaerie322: just thought it was kinda cool
KrystalFaerie322: i have a joke for you
MidKnightXtreme: .......
KrystalFaerie322: i dont know if it will make you laugh
though, joanna told me
KrystalFaerie322: why did the chicken cross the road?
MidKnightXtreme: ummkay
MidKnightXtreme: Y
KrystalFaerie322: because it was being chased by two black
men wit biscuits
MidKnightXtreme: :-D
KrystalFaerie322: nowi have another one
KrystalFaerie322: why did the man cross the road?
MidKnightXtreme: Y
KrystalFaerie322: b/c he heard the chicken was a slut
MidKnightXtreme: :-
KrystalFaerie322: lol, nothing against you
KrystalFaerie322: i have a really bad joke
KrystalFaerie322: i don't know if i told you or not
MidKnightXtreme: ......
KrystalFaerie322: did i tell you about why a guy snores
when he lays on his back?
MidKnightXtreme: no
KrystalFaerie322: cause his balls fall over his asshole and
it vapor-locks
MidKnightXtreme: :-!
KrystalFaerie322: lol
KrystalFaerie322: i know a lot of jokes like that
MidKnightXtreme: do they all suck as bad as that one?
KrystalFaerie322: i dunno, wanna hear another one?
MidKnightXtreme: no
KrystalFaerie322: okay
MidKnightXtreme: good bye
KrystalFaerie322: bye
MidKnightXtreme signed off at 11:03:04 PM.

I had a big conversation with Brandon last night.

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