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2001-07-02 19:38:53 (UTC)

Losing Melanie (Part I) - [16:30] June 1, 2355

Melanie walked out of her house intent on going to the
shopping center and returning with ingredients for supper
that night. She had decided to walk because it was such a
beautiful day, and it wasn't far to go. Besides, Ix was a
safe section of the complex, unlike Iv or Ii.

Perhaps this assumption, in addition to the fact that she
had been looking at the sky when it happened, was the
reason she didn't see the signs that a firefight was about
to occur. Two Amians, obviously disagreeing viciously on
some point, began a shoving match not too far in front of
her. Within seconds, the fight had become more than just a
disagreement, and they were tearing each other apart in the
middle of the sidewalk. Melanie suddenly noticed them and
stopped, but it was too late to stop what happened next.

One of the males pulled out his gun and pointed it at the
other. A nearby female screamed in fear as the other
pulled his out, too. They both fired at each other at the
same time. One hit his mark, but the other, the one facing
Melanie, was a worse shot. His bullet missed his target by
a huge margin, and hit Melanie. She crumpled to the
concrete without even realizing that they had had guns.


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