My life, one big sarcastic story
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2002-07-20 00:15:00 (UTC)

Boyz-sometimes a girl just needs one

what am i suppose to do? this guy that i like so extremely
much(and he probably likes me..tells me i really cute so
idk),keeps blowing me off. It's been two days in arrow
including today. whats his problem? I mean we made PLANS TO
GET TOGETHER! so this morning, he was gonna call, he hadn't
by the time i got online and he was on too, we talked so
that was okay. he said his parents were talking/ i guess
using the phone.oh he said he might have to go with his
parents today, what do i do? i start to freak a
little. then he wouldnt give me straight forward answers so
then i got pissed and logged off. wouldnt he wondered why i
logged off and never came back on in the middle of the
conversation? seriously what is going through his head!!
apparently NOT MUCH! lol. ne wayz, so im not gonna wait
around for him all day, actually i did that yesterday so i
dont want a repeat. (he said he was gonna call me yesterday
and he never did ALL DAY!! oh okay so he calls my house at
10 PM and thats like late for my house.) Today, i had my
friend from down the street come over to help me pick out
an outfit to wear,since i was gonna spend most of the day
with him. so she was here for the whole thing, i calmly
explained to her what had happend. after i had left him
online, i figured well my friend is already here.
UNLIKE YOU!!so i hung out with her all day. ok so he calls
me at like 4 pm and i was really short with him on the
phone, im still mad at him.!!!!(its 4:48)its been a good
day other than the starting events. we were gonna go to the
lake and walk along the beach, or go hang out at this
special park,and just hang out.i only have a certain amount
of time online a day, so now im trying to use it up so i
dont talk to him. i always eventually talk to him, but
today will be different finally i WILL NOT talk to him ne
more TODAY! im still gonna be mad at him tomorrow but o
well. i like him so much so i dont want to start a fight,
cause then i might lose him, cause hes a potential boy
friend.who knowz who cares, i used to but i really dont
rite know. ~oh my lost teenager who needs advice~

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