OnLy ½ Of Me Is KnOwN
2001-07-02 19:26:11 (UTC)

** Sleep In The Stars **

I was just VERY rudley awaken. It's 2:30PM (so..apparently
I was tired) and my dad goes and sets the house alarm off
(you know when someone breaks in it'll go all crazy) well,
he set it off and I'm asleep in my robe, b/c I had woken up
at like 10AM and took a shower and went back to sleep. So I
run out of my room and I'm like "oh hell" and my dad is
standing my the alarm and starts laughing at me... NOT
cool. *ugh* So last night I started crying and I was on the
phone with Alicia and she gave the phone to Terry. Terry
asked me what was wrong and I told him my dad and stuff and
he was like "well why does he do that" and I was like "I
don't know" and he was like "are you crying" and I was
like "yea" and he was like "it'll be ok" It was kinda
sweet, but I'm sure he really didn't know what to say. Me
and Alicia had called Donnie on 3-way last night and Alicia
said something to Terry ... I think she said 'we are
talking to another guy on the phone' or something like that
and he was like 'does brenda like someone else?' lol- It's
cute ... I cannot WAIT until Tuesday! And guess what ??
Tommorrow is Tuesday!! :) hehehe ... But ok .. I am tired,
I think I am going to go back to sleep.. *:*yawn-*:*
*NiGhT* lol