Visions Of Life
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2002-07-19 23:30:10 (UTC)

Contortionist Circus Freaks

My quote of the day:

"There were contortionist circus freaks in Denver
performing oral sex on themselves while laying on a bed of
nails with a watermelon on their stomachs and I wasnt
there? What the fuck"

Im doing better. Not as emotional. I was held and then
fucked so im pleased. Im probally going to stay home and
around midnight my boyfriend is going to cook us steak and
crablegs. I do want to go play pool even though my game is
off. I love pool so much. Id play everyday if I could get
into bars by myself. One more year...

Here is my plan for when i turn 21:

I am gonna take my boyfriend to Vegas. He has never been.
Ive been numerous times and its one of my fav cities
(London, Munic, Prague, Amsterdamm, Paris, Crested Butte,
Anaheim and Venice are my others.)

I am getting my tatoo. By then I should be able to afford

I am joining a pool league

I had other things to write but im happy and dont want to
actually think.

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