sex kitten

life of a porn star
2002-07-19 23:17:04 (UTC)

summer blues

well im still feeling a little down tonight just bc it
friday and i have nothng to do. barry and the girls from
work are all partying together tonight and im so - i dont
even know. i dont know how i feel i dontknow if i am happy
and i dont like the emptiness that is occuring lately. im
in between so much right now and i feel a little lost and
anxcious. i want to feel like i belong somewhere again
instead of this waiting period. highschool feels like it
was so long ago and college will be so weird at first. but
right now i really hae nothing but myself and i am getting
boring. -still haven talked to matt, or greg, barry has
been nice and friendly lately but doesnt know im alive.