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2001-07-02 19:23:40 (UTC)

The 848 Crash (Part V) - [05:25] April 24, 2355

Mokkan finally dropped out of the now-empty body of the the
plane and deactivated his armor suit. He ran his arm
across his forehead to remove the perspiration and looked
down to see the fur on his arm saturated. He sighed and
shook his head. It had been a long night.

Chris dropped down behind him and walked up to his side
nudging him gently. "Hey, good show last night. You
really pulled through for everyone."

Mokkan nodded. "Yeah, yeah..." He looked around at all
the suffering and death that had occured while he and his
three friends had been in the plane, retrieving wounded and
dead. "Incredible. Incredible how many he killed just by
crashing that damn plane..."

Chris nodded slightly himself, then looked at Mokkan. "No
worse than a bomb, though, and at least we know we got the
guy who did it. Come on, we've done enough here. Let's
round up our mates and go to the coffee shop, get ourselves
some artificial energy." He grinned. "Then we can go home
and go to bed."

"Why would you want to go to bed if you've still got
energy..." He trailed off as his mind finally processed
what Chris was insinuating. A grin suddenly broke out on
his face as well. "Riiight..." Both creatures laughed and
walked away.

A human in black clothes, painfully visible in the morning
light, tentatively dropped out of the wheel well in the
tail end of the airplane and ran off towards the south.
He'd get to the human base and be able to tell them that
his mission had been a success, that he'd collected all
kinds of information about their airplane design, and
managed to kill so many Amians, including a few Complex
Controllers. He laughed out loud once he was out of
earshot. It had been too easy.

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