the daily life of a dork
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2002-07-19 21:20:21 (UTC)

woohoo ima supposed to go out again tonight- well maybe not......

yay! i get to hang out with yuri and jenny tonight. that is
if things work out okay and yuri's parents don't get mad at
her and not let her out. i guess i shouldn't complain
about being stuck at home cuz u never know how long u got
to stay there. the you are the one song makes me feel
happee i guess it gives me hope- maybe somebody will come
save me like the girl in the song. i know i know it sounds
like typical teenage girl dreamer right there. but hey i
am a teenager so i can act as dumb as i want. i hope i can
go today cuz i haven't seen yuri in soo long i hella miss
her. stupid grades! thats why she can't go out cuz she got
a c in precal. got to admit though that was a pretty hard
class cuz its hard to learn with mr o'hara, cuz he is
usually busy with his funny stories. newayz i don't got
nething to write right now so ima write more laterz!

getting transporatation sux!! too bad jenny didnt call yuri so we
couldnt go out once again cuz we didnt have a ride. mayn sux cuz
whenever i wanna go out with mai friends it usually doesnt work out.
i hecka miss yuri. ewww had to go to fries electronics with mai
parents!!! there some scarree fob guys there. hmm i think ive seen a
few from findapix... how scarree. hehe i hope none of them recognize
meeh. aww wellz i had fun with my lil sister, another friday night
playing ddr till i had to sleep. prollie burn hella calories mayn im
hecka tired cuz i already played earlier newayz. ima have to get
offline early tonight cuz i got a dermatologist appt tomorrow. i
really hope i dont get mai face messed up again. goodnight and sweet

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