2001-01-08 06:57:27 (UTC)

hello people~ I have great..

hello people~
I have great news. I just got a new car. Well it's not
brand new but to me it is. It's a 93 Honda Civic EX,
purple in color(more fushia) then anything and it's so
cute. I totally love it. I went to show it off to my
sister and since I can't see my man yet, he'll see it
tomorrow. I haven't told him about it so he has no clue
that it's sitting in my garage looking all cute. It's what
he would call a "cute boy car" meaning it has a cute boy
driving it and that would be ME!!!

It will definatly turn some heads cuz of the color and the
best thing is it's so gay, just like me. So the driver
isn't just gay it's the car too. I want to get a license
plate frame that says "don't hate me because I'm gay, hate
be because I'm cute". But I won't get that only for the
fact that not everyone needs to know I'm cute.

I just thought I'd tell ya about my new car. I'll keep you
updated as to how I love it.