Little Girl Scout

Strawberry Gashes....
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2001-07-02 18:30:25 (UTC)


God my new school is so fucking shit! im not allowed to
wear ANY make up! its so bad.....and i really wish i was
back at my old school..... :( i miss ppl soooooo much! i
got to school and i just kept crying...and i probably
looked so dumb....and ppl probably thourght i was crying
cuz i was nervous or something.....but i was crying cuz i
didnt want to be there.....god.....and ppl saw the cuts on
my arms and every1 was really "concerned" when theyd only
just met me! for gods sake!
but every1 wants me to hang round with them :) which is
quite cool....and theres this guy called ollie who hit ths
little shit(a year 7) cuz they called me this weird name
that has the equivalent meaning to grunger....and it was
really nice of hi to stick up for me :) and theres this
other guy who was trying to throw me in the pond all
day...hehe...hes so obscure....hes called Bailey...its a
well nice name....i want to be called it!
um...thats all.....
Little Girl Scout....