inque nine/synthetic sour
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2001-07-02 17:57:49 (UTC)

techno de chocobo

hey. not too much is new. the same happens every day, but
that's cuz i let it. sumtime in august i'm going back 2 bc
to go on vacation w/ the mother... i dun really wanna do
that of course, but i guess i dont have a choice. best to
just get it over with. i guess. afterwards, i've gotta
seriously start doing sth... skool is out of the question
now cuz it's just 2 expensive. i mean, i've got money n
everything, but i need that money fer rent. soooo, wats
the other alternative? get a job, of course.... lucky fer
me, it aint that hard 2 get work in edmonton. n there r a
lot o' quiet places. so except fer the interview, im sure
i wont hafta be all the social. who knows. u kno how
things're always easier once u get in2 a routine. n e
wayz, im gonna start off @ bookstores and libraries, that
sort o' thing. u dun really have 2 communicate there. not
like clothes stores or watever. or like marv's job @ the
hardware store. apparently he's doing well w/ the whole
personable thing. good fer him, but that aint my thing.
if i could be a hermit and stay hidden here in the apt. fer
the rest of my life, i'd be perfectly happy. i dun even
like shopping by meself n e more. altho i should like it
better, cuz i alwayz feel guilty fer taking too long in
stores when marvin takes me shopping. but i only like
going places w/ him. he's the only person i like. i dont
give other ppl a chance, tho. i just dont like ppl.
i kno he aint like me, tho. earlier i was worried that he
spends all his time w/ me. howcum he hasn't gone to the
bar or watever w/ friends from work? i wonder if he's even
made n e friends there? cuz he told me he usually spends
his lunch hrs alone... b4, he used 2 call me @ lunch, but
his fone bill got too expensive. so i thought now that he
doesnt hafta be on the fone @ lunch time, he'd b w/ other
ppl.... cuz he likes ppl and has a lot more faith in em
than i do. oh well. i dunno. i just hope he
doesnt think he's obligated 2 spend all his free time w/ me.

i was all set to do more work on me website, but stupid
angelfire is down again. i knew it was too good to
last..... oh well, wat can ya do.


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