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2001-07-02 17:47:57 (UTC)

(no subject)

im sitting here.. lookin at mtv reruns of course thats all
they give on that damn channel. but me and chris are happy
again. god finally answered my prayer. he heard my prayer
yesterday. i have to go to church today. oh yea chris
apologized for yesterday. we both fell asleep on the phone
last night, i was feeling sick so i was all drowzy then he
said " baby go to sleep ok..well talk tomorrow" i said " ok
i love you bye" then i came online to see who was on then i
went to sleep. oh yea and napster is being such a bitch!! i
got this weird thing i forgot what the name is but its good
and it is also weird cuz i am so used to napster but it
sucks now. well im gonna go to sleep im so tierd. but i
will write back later. byebyebye.. i havent gotten my
report card yet im like checking the mail everyday i dont
know where its going to come!! ahh!!

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