I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-07-19 18:17:11 (UTC)

95 degrees is a hellish temperature

I am soooo hot. Even inside with the air on, it's hot.
Sitting still it's hot. Blah!

Some of my parent's friends are coming to visit today.
They're from England. Yeah. So, we'll see how that goes.
Been busy cleaning up and doing loads and loads of
laundry. After my being away housesitting for a week, my
brother being at the beach for a week and my dad being in
Bermuda for a week, we all have tons of dirty laundry that
all needs to be washed at the same time. Ewww.

The puppy is fine. Though I have no idea why he was named
Zion. Such a big name for such a tiny dog. My mom seems to
like him alot. Go figure.

Have I mentioned that it's really hot here? Why do people
live in Florida?? I mean, it's so hot, full of bugs and
did I mention hot? I don't do hotness very well. This is
why I want to live in Maine. In July, the average high
temperature is 72 degress Farenheit. Woohoo!!

Anyone want to give me a massage? How about a job? That'd
work just as well.

Haven't been sleeping very well lately. Not sure why. Not
enough sleep either. Oddities.

Need to go back to the library. I have one overdue book
and one that will be overdue eventually.

I need chocolate.