The Sexy Blonde
2002-07-19 18:16:30 (UTC)

My Vacation Turned To Hell

Yes, it did. And, it froze over. Ha. I don't know if I've
ever heard of a vacation this bad before. Here goes the
last 2 weeks of my life.

My mother and I drove to Minnesota, from Dallas Texas.
One thousand, one hundred, and sixty miles. We were stuck
in a cramped 99' Neon, with clothes, a cool, lots of soda,
and we stunk, from sweating. The air conditioning was
flipped on and off so many times, I thought I was going to
be sick. I on the other hand had a job to do. I had to keep
my mother awake as she drove, especially at night, because
the dark roads were so mind memorizing. We put in over a
dozen cd's but nothing would keep us awake. I fianlly, for
kicks threw in a cd by Shania Twain, a country singer. That
cd hasn't left the cd player since we've been up here. It
ekpt us going and we sang it loud, even though I don't like
country. We stopped at many, many, many, many rest stops,
parks, and gas stations. I was so camara happy that I was
screaming and freaking out when we would go close to a
boarder, and I needed to take a picture of the,"Welcome to
(this state)" sign. I was really pissed off when, on the
way up we had to go on a detour and I pretty much missed
the minnesota sign. I was pissed.

Anyway, we finally arrive to Minnesota on a Saturday evening. We
got there a little early, and we made really good time. Now we knew
we were going to have to stay at my aunts for at least Saturday
night, and Sunday night, so we could get into the hotel Monday
morning, because they didn't do check in's on the weekend. So now we
have to wait until Tuesday to get in the hotel. So Sunday morning
my mother and I woke our tired ass's up and got to church a little
earlier. When we arrived we staked out the place making sure knowbody
saw us, we went straight to the back of the church, to talk to our
pastor, Pastor Drews. We talked to him for a while, but after he put
his robe on we knew it was time for him to start greeting people at
the front door as they walk inside. So my mom and I headed for the
other side of the church as we watched from a door, my father and
brother getting out of my dad's truck. My brother already knew my mom
and I were going to be there, so when he seen my mom's car, he didn't
say a word about it to my dad who knew nothing about me suprising him
at church.

When my brother got into the church he snuck away from my dad to
come say hi to us and hug us. Then we all walked down the hallway
back to where everyone was. I saw my dad walking into the main part
of the church, where are the pews were, and I followed him. I walked
the whole way behind him, even into the pew, finally he almost sat
down and turned and around and he was so shocked and ready to cry,
and he kept hugging me. We sort of made a seen.. Then my brother,
came and sat down beside me, and my mother next to my brother. As
soon as my grandparents came in I got up and hugged them too! I was
so excited to see everybody and I was so happy to be in the church
that I was baptised in. After church was over I hugged everyone and
saw everyone. After church we went out to breakfest with the Maxson's
(my dad's side of the family). We went and ate at the legion. Later
that day my mom and I went to go suprise KaMia, but she wasn't home,
but Kashon, and Kathy (sister and mom) were so happy to see us,
saying I was so big, and grown-up. I also suprised a friend named
Uyen that day too, finally we went back to my aunts and took a nap.

Anyway, we got there, to the hotel, Monday morning, and guess what,
heres were it was getting all screwed over. The lady that took our
reservations, never wrote them down. Actually she didn't even work
there anymore. So we had to stay at my aunts one more night. The next
morning we were there bright and early, and this snotty ass guy at
the front desk named Pete, told us check in wasn't until 11:00a.m.
and they wouldn't have a room ready until 1:00p.m. or so. So we
waited to move all our luggage in until 11:30, since we now had the
room keys. As soon as we dropped off the stuff, I stayed there and my
mom brought her car to the dealership, because on the way up the car
was making some rough noises, and sparks came out from under the dash
board on my side scaring the hell out of me on the way up.

Later that evening we had dinner with my mom, grandpa,grandma,
aunt, her boyfriend, and me, around 6:00p.m. After dinner we went
back to Sue's house and my dad called me there, and asked if I wanted
to go see a movie. We did, we went and saw,"Mr.
Deed's". It was
hilarious, and an absolutle funny movie, that I would see again. That
night in my dad's truck he also gave me a christmas present that was
from my uncle that he told my dad to hang on too until I came up. I
opened it and it was an angel that played music and it was beautiful.
I got home around midnight or so and I watched a little televisions
and fell asleep.

The next day I woke up around 12:00, I watched a little
television, then I got on the computer, and myself to look pretty
decent, and my mom drove me over to KaMia's house and when I walked
through the door we hugged and looked at each other, my mom left, and
dropped me off. I talked to KaMia for a little bit, showed her
pictures, and then I asked her if she wanted to go walk around
outside, we got maybe 15 feet and her neighbor comes outside, KaMia
wants to wait for her. This girl was ruining everything. She came
outside and I couldn't get a word in edge wise. I was getting pissed
off I told her I was going back to her house to use the phone and I
did. I called my mom to come pick me up. I knew it was going to take
her a little while to get there so I decided to wak over to an old
friends house. Natasha's, but her mom said she was at the movies, so
was Kelly McDuff, because I tried calling her too. Then I went down
to another old friends house, Jordan & Zach, but the lights were out
and they weren't home, so I walked all the way over to another
friends house, named Emily, but I talked to her for not even 2
minutes and left. Everything changed, and not in a good way. I just
wanted to go home. My dad showed up in his truck with my mom her car
behind him. I hugged my dad and told him hi, then I got in my mom's
car and left. We went back to Sue's (my aunt) house, and slept there
for one more night.

I woke up early, because we had to pack up the stuff we unpacked
because we were moving into the hotel this nice Tuesday morning. We
met my grandma over at the hotel. I don't remember what we did that
day but I know sometime during the evening my dad, mom, and I went
swimming over at my dad's parents house, or my other grandparents.
That night my dad took us out to eat at the Ground 'Round, and we got
to talk a little bit more. Then we went back to the hotel that night
(my dad, mom, and me), and my dad let me use his phone so I could
call Kelly and my sweet heart Jose. I was on the phone pretty late,
and when I went back to the hotel my mom and dad were asleep. I
didn't like it, not one bit. I don't know why, but my gut instinct
was to get him out of there, plus I still had to take a shower and I
wasn't going to feel comfortable with him there, plus there is no
lock on the bathroom door, and I hate that.

My dad opened his eyes and looked at me because I was just
sitting there. I just wanted him to leave so I asked me. He didn't
understand, and he put on his shoes, and grabbed his keys and just
walked out. My mom got up quick, because she didn't know what was
going on. She followed him down to the truck. He called me a few
minutes l.ater and I told him I would be down there (to his truck) in
a minute. I knew what he was going to do. He was going to pull the
sob story and try a guilt trip. I was honest I told him I didn't want
him to sleep in our hotel because I wasn't use to being around guys,
and that it was mom and I's first night in the hotel and I did't want
him there, because mom and I hadn't got a chance to have a moment
alone since he had been here in Minnesota.

The next day my dad and I had a serious confession talk, but
during the day my dad drove us to target and kohls where I got 1
shirt. Later that day we went to my dad's A.A. Meeting for his
recovering drug addiction problem. It started at 8:00p.m. and It
ended around 9:00p.m. I had an okay time there. I didn't understand
everything they did there. Jose also slept over at my house that
night. Later in the evening we went and got McDonalds for dinner, and
then it was getting late, my mom told my dad that he should go home
so I don't tell him to leave again.

The next morning my mom and I went to Kohls, Herburger, and
walmart to get 2 more camaras. a little bit later in the morning my
dad took us to Mall of Ameica. We walked around and around and
around. I made sure I got a gift for my sweetheart Jose, his brother,
his dad, his mom, his sister, her husband, and their kid. I got a lot
of cool stuff and I saw the new Cereal Adventure Land they put in.

Thursday, I don't remember what I did that day, except I know I
said, "Hi" to my mom's sister's boyfriend's daughter, Amanda,
is 13 years old. I remember my mom went to Fayes, and Jose called me.
I missed/miss him so much. On Saturday I slept in real late, then my
dad come over like around 7 or 8 in the monring and my mom left eith
him to the store or something like that. Then when they came back I
was getting ready, my clothes ready too, we were fixing to go due
laundry. After laundry we went to one of my old friend Kelly's house
and then she wasn't there. So then we went back to the hotel, my dad
took a shower there, then me and him left to the mall. He was yelling
at me and pounding his fist on his truck's sterring wheel like he was
going to break it. We finally got to the mall and we went and bought
a board game, not just any board game, Twinopoly (Monopoly), but for
the TWINcities, its called Twin Cities in a box. It was $24.99. He
actually bought it and we headed back to the hotel but made a quick
stop at the pizza place to pick up our pizza. While we were waiting
we looked around at a tatto parlor a few doors down, which is where I
learned my dad had a tatto made of my name and my brothers name, so
one day he can get that done. Anyway on the way back to the hotel, it
was an awkward silence, and then we got to the hotel, ate pizza, and
played the game. Around 10:30p.m. the telephone rang, I picked it up
and it was Jose. The first words out of his mouth were, " I have
news.." I sat on the bed and listened.

Jose told me that he was coming over to our house as usual
tonight and this time everything wasn't okay. He walked in through
the garage, and went into the house. The front door was kicked in and
my moms door was opened. Jose told me he first called his dad to
bring wood and nails. That night they boarded up our front door, and
he left the lights on and a television on and stuff. My dog was also
tied to the garbage can. He said nothing looked like it was missing
and just the dog, mom's door (was open, but usually closed, Jose
never touched it), and the front door. He called the police, but they
said since he wasn't the owner of the house he couldn't make a
report. My dad went home and my mom and I went to bed, but we did
stay up and talk about everything.

The next morning we got up and went to church. Everybody
heard what happened. We went out to breakfeast again, same place, The
Legionl. After all that my mom and I played somemore Twincities In A
Box. We finally went to Sue's house for the Anderson Family Reunion.
Not many came, and knowbody really talk to my mom and I. Sue, Scott,
Amanda, Me, my mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Dan & Jon, Chad & Linda, out of
the 11 people there, I knew 9 of them. Today was also my other
grandmas birthday, so as soon as the Anderson reunion was over my mom
and I went back to the hotel, cleaned up a bit, put out swim suits on
and headed over there to see all my relatives. The people most
excited to see me were my cousins Kelly and Ashley. Ashley and I
talked more then anybody else, because she is just like me, except I
don't think my mom is a bitch. She hates her mom. My grandma gave me
3 camaras, and a christmas ordamnet that was never sent to me. They
took some pictures of me, and I took some pictures of people. I swam,
and sat in the hot tub with Ashley and her boyfriend Dain.

I pretty much slept until 2:00p.m. in the afternoon, until
my mom kicked my out of bed and told me to get ready. I was going
over to Sue's to spend time with Amanda. We went to blockbuster to
pick out a movie to watch tonight. Amanda picked out The Mothman
Prophecies. I said that was fine. We went to the store and picked up
some M&M's to munch on. We got dropped off at the house with the
candy and my board game. We then realized that knowbody grabbed the
movie from the counter, so my grandma went and got it, while we
played the board game. We played for a few hours, and then we popped
the movie in. Amanda's neighbors came over for 30 minutes, and bugged
us and finally they left after interupting our movie and talking the
whole time. Then they left, we watched the rest of the movie, We went
up stairs in the kitchen, I read my magazine, and she got on the
internet, we also ate pizza rols and ate each a half of a small pizza.

My grandma picked up Amanda and I around 11:00a.m. and
brought us to a public swimming pool called, "Cascade Bay." We
there for 3 hours. Grandma, picked us back up at 2:00p.m. and then
she brought us to BurgerKing with grandpa for lunch, grandma dropped
me off first and Amanda off at Sue's house. Later that day, my aunt
took Amanda and I to go get manicures. I got pretty red sparkly
color, and Amanda got a sparkly green color. We then got pizza and
ate at Sue's house. About 25 minutes into eating my grandma called my
mom and told her she needed to give up her car that night. So my mom
grabbed some extra pizza, and then she raced off to the hotel, dumped
me off there and she hurried to the dealership or her parent's house
I don't remember.

I slept until 1:00p.m. and then my mom left. When she
came back from the V.A. and spending time with Fay, she came back to
the hotel and we played Twincities In A Box. We then packed up all of
our stuff. My dad came over and we played Twincities In A Box again,
until abut 11:30, because he had to go to work in the morning. I
don't remember anythng else we did that day, besides my mom packed
all of our stuff into my grandpas truck. This was the last night we
spent the night at the Inn Town Suites.

I woke up at 10:30ish and we had to be out of the hotel at
11:ooa.m. We had a huge dipute with the guy at the front desk named
Pete. My aunt and Grandpa got there money back. We (my grandma, aunt,
mom, and I) went shopping at Kohl's, Herburger's, Macy's, and a small
gift shop at Mall of America. Then we went to my aunts house again so
she could get a swim suit and othe personal stuff, and then we went
to go get settled into the other hotel, Mystic Lake's Casino Hotel.
We finally went swimming down stairs, hen my mom sleipped and fell
and then they took down information about the accident. We finally
got back up to the hotel after having a bit of fun down there. I went
in the pool, the sauna, the hot tub, and the fitness room and walked
1.5 miles on a treadmill. We went to go eat dinner at Minnehaha Cafe,
and I ate the Feddichine Alfredo (mispelled). Then I went back to the
hotel room and my mom and my aunt stayed out until 2:30a.m. I had
just talked to Jose around 2:00a.m. or so, he stayed out all night
and worked with Fernando. Jeff called out hotel room twice saying
some pretty stupid stuff. Both times we weren't in the room. Plus we
weren't making any out-going phone calls because they costed 60 cents.

I woke up around 10:20 a.m. and I told my mom we had to be
out of the hotel at 11:00a.m. because that was check out time. Sue
thought we had to be out at noon, but that wasn't the case. I called
the front desk and asked what time check out was and they told me
11:00a.m. My mom called Sue, and Sue told my mom to ask for the
extended extra hour stay. We were out of the Casino Hotel at 11:35
a.m. Sue picked us up in the front. From there we picked up brunch at
Arby's and they dropped me off here. For the last 4 1/2 hours I have
been writing this thing. They just got home about 20 minutes or so
ago with clothes, ciggerates, groceries, and other pitally items,
from the store. My mom is doing laundry right now, and I am on here
still I will complete the rest of our road trip adventure when I go
home, if my computer is still there by the time I get home to Texas.
We are leaving tomorrow morning. Tonight we should be going to see my
brothers new place (house he shares iwht friends), and making
enchildadas with Sue.

Leave me some notes, I'm dieing here.

Love, Jessica