In Shaddy's Shadow
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2001-07-02 17:37:37 (UTC)

Chillin at Kraft

OMG, Yesterday was a good day!..well Kevin got pissed at
me cuz i was gonna go to his house. I had to go to my aunt
so she could show me where everything were cuz I'm gonna be
babysitten for her while her babysitter goes away on
vacation. But Anywayz I got over there around 1 & didn't
leave till around 5-5:30. When I got home I didn't really
feel like going anywhere UNTIL Rachel came over. She told
me we were going down to Kraft. That was the plan.

I got dressed & we got dropped off at my boy Mike's
house. After leaving Mike's we started our way down to
Kraft but stopped off at Derek's. He had just got back from
camping so he couldn't go anywhere. So we got down to Kraft
& we chilled for a minute, No one was really down there.
that's when i got a page from Kevin. We walked to his house.

Rachel was really pissing me off cuz she had to be home
at a certin time & it was already 9:10pm, so instead of
coming with my over Kevin's, she walked to her friend Jen's
house. I went to Kevin's, then me and Kev walked to Jen's
to see if Rachel was still there. she was so we left. We
walked back to Kev's to get His Black and Milds. Leaving Rachel at
Jen's. While there I called Carl, Thank God he was home =o)..I asked
him what he was doing & asked if he wanted to chill. He did soo i
told him to meet me half way & that's I'd be walking from Kevin's

When i walked up and saw him coming my heart dropped to the
ground...Oh he looked soo good with his Blue jeans, Blue Fubu shirt,
the new Iverson's and His big Hazel eyes. i just wanted to kiss him
soo bad. we turned around and started walking to Kraft. We lite the
black, Me and Kev were the only ones smoking it. We started walking
the path it was soo & Carl started messing with me like he alwayz
does. he was like "damn girl you still can't fight!" we started play
fighting and he got me pined down to the ground. He was on my look
like down at me going "see that's what talkin shit will get you".
then he helped me up. As we were walking thorugh the field i asked
him if he wanted some of the Black cuz it was almost dead He was like
only if you give me a shot gun, so i did & when i did his lips
touched mine, OMG i almost freaked out.

We kept walking & we got the the picnic tables and sat down. Kev
asked me what time it was cuz he had to be home by 10 and it was
already 10:13. so me and Ken got up & were like okay lets go. but
Carl was walking behind us, & he ran up on me and jumped on my back.
i gave him a piggy back from the picnic table down to the street.
damn i didn't wanna let him down. as i was walking out to the street
i saw some people and i was like "OHH Carl your in trouble what if
someone sees you walking with your ex, they gonna tell ur girl" he
goes "what girl, up until last night i had a girl but.. things
happen". soo he made it clear that he broke up with her. he goes "but
it's okay because after tonight i'ma have my WOMAN back" i was like
Hmm and kevin looked at me with a smile.

well we got to Kev's house and Kev was like so how are you gettin
home i was like i'ma walk and Carl was like don't worrie i'll walk
with her. We started walking down the street, Carl turned to me. He
got in front of me and put his arms around me. i kept my arms downt
to my side, he was like "wassup with that i get no love?". i was
kinda mad at that because of all the stuff that was said when we
broke up, and now he's asking me for love. What type of shit is
that?..but i finally after he asked me like 5 times i put my arms
around his and gave him a weak ass hug!!..but we kept walking and he
was like "So wassup with that why's you call me today out of all
days" i was like the same reason you called me the other day, cuz i
was bored and wanted to talk to you...He was like "oh you didn't hear
anything that made you call" i was like what is that he goes "that i
broke up with Faith the other day" i was like "i don't talk to anyone
you do so who would i hear it from?".. But we was just walking to my
house talking about shit like that. and i even gave him a hug after
he walked my home like 13 blocks LOL..Oh well..but i really wanna see
him today soo bad

I'ma have to take another of my world fames walks down to Kraft
today LOL..Hopefully this heat will let up...LOL
But there will be more on this subject soon to come..