2002-07-19 15:37:10 (UTC)


I haven't told you people about me yet. lol im so silly.
Well im 15 yrs old and I live in New York. My name is
Francesca but people call me FrankEe. I play HOCKEY cuz its
the best thing in the world and no one will ever stop me
from playing it. My skool it boring and i don't even want
to mention the name. But the cool thing about skool is that
im in the photography program. It's cool I have Fun taking
pictures. When I take pictures I find a new side of me, im
free and i can explore the world when i take pictures. I
develope my own pictures which is cool and fun. But I do
mostly Black & White prints. Color photo. is hard 4 me but
once i get the hang of it i will be good. I go to all of
the Rangers hockeys games and if i miss a game i watch it
on TV and to miss a game i would have to be really really
sick. Yes i do have season tickets to the New York Rangers
home games. I love it too. I have cool friends at the games
when mot of them are or they get drunk. I go to all of the
games with my dad witch is cool when he doesn't get angry.
Last season i had 2 seats and this season i migh have 4
which i don't like a lil cuz i hate when my sis and mom
comes to the games. When i go to the games only with my dad
him and I bond. which is cool. In my point of veiw i am
very spoiled i have 2 sisters and they are younger then
me. lol its kinda funny. but i feel bad from my sis Lauren
who is in the middle cuz if she wants to do sumthing my mom
says no and my dad to. My sis are 5 and 13 going on 14
there both annoying but i love them sometimes cuz there lil
bicthes.hey people im still bored so im going to go to
sleep if u want to talk or sumthing im me on
nhlrangershockey or nhlrangerwings or just email me on
[email protected]

~Orange juice with lucky charms isn't good yukkk~
~but rice and melted cheese is good yumy!~

Hey people talk latter


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