The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2001-07-02 17:00:32 (UTC)

Im a loser and a user...

Well im not a loser but greenday was a really good quote at
the time. Im miss my Tricia and I know shes having a
really rough time right now so *Feel better Tricia hug*.
Now that thats outta the way. How are all you fine people
doing today. Oh wait how do I know your reading this. What
if no one reads these and im typing for noone but myself.
Well then kudos to me for typing to myself. Lets see today
I dont have to work. Score 1. I also get to cash 4
checks. Score 2. Now that thats done I have no more to
say laters people.

Love ya Tricia
You rawk Will
Mary 10 days!!!

And everyone you guys are cool.

Laterz everyone