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2002-07-19 13:38:26 (UTC)

First Day

Gosh my jealousy is getting out of control. I mean, Lori
has everything! I bring home a "c" and i get horseback
taken away. She brings home 3 F's and her mom buys her a
horse?! That's jacked up! Her mom spoils her soo much, and
she treats her mom like crap. Lori's now a "model", gosh
and everyone knows about her doing it but when I did it was
considered "preppy" but its okay for her to do it?! People
like that make me so angry. Anytime I'm talking to a guy
they're always with her or talking about or to her.
Everything is about Lori.
I didn't go to sleep last night, I did this on purpose
because I know I have horseback tomarrow morning and i have
to get up early and I have to go to bed early and that
wouldn't happen if I wasn't tired so now I am haha.
I hope everything at horseback goes well though, I'm kinda
nervous because I don't know the girls, who knows? Maybe
they go to Ruckel just like me, and I'll finally meet
someone my age, lol. I hate Florida, I wanna come back home
my real home in Virginia. I miss it sooo much. I hate the
screwed up military, I've been to 9 schools i mean come on
i'm only in 8th grade!
I started writing my 2 year autobiography last night. I think its
going to be really good actually. That'll be something I
can do and no one else can, I am a good poet and they
aren't but that doesnt matter to them they think I forged
it. Well I didn't, i write what I feel, what I know. This
book will help them see my ability. And who knows? maybe
i'll become famous...haha yea right. I mean come on-I've got an
interesting enough life, I've been through alotta crap worth reading
about right?

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