sheesh ya fuck
2002-07-19 08:23:25 (UTC)

ugggh i should sleep but i feel..

ugggh i should sleep but i feel unsatisfied and that makes
me restless..working with john fucking knocked the patience
out of me and i fell into a zombie state. i really hate
that guy..he doesnt stop ever..i never have really caught
anything he has to say..i was up waiting for my bebah to
call cuz i am soo lonely in this fucking huge house in bum
smucksville all by myself with turantulas crawling around
my house and snakes and mice and all sorts of rodents and
pesty bitches..i think there staking out a take-over..its
scary. i just ate ice crream with coffee cream and soo fat. i eat like a pregnant hoe..guess what?
today i peed my pants!!! nooo i wish though. evreyone at my
job place thinks im a fat nutball suicidal dirty
bum...which is mostly all true but i didnt keep it hidden
as well as i thought to of head is saying right
now thaat i want to smoke a sniggeretteeeee so i say okay
binca bonkey..lets go!;;hey hoe...lets go.bye bee beebye