Jena's Rants
2001-07-02 12:59:21 (UTC)

Pop, Pop, Fizz, Fizz - OH! What a relief it is!

So, complete and total madness have made this a weekend
never to forget, and guess what - NO NARCIES!!!! Aren't
you sooooo proud of me. [Must make a reference to The Lone
Hick Authoritarian who patrols them woods fer the past
three years (while holding up four fingers) and never did I
seen no people up in that there woods, except fer them
poachers who shot at me.] Amazing what inbreeding can do
to the social stability of a one horse town, if you know
what I mean......
Ohhh, and I cannot forget how wonderful Moanday can be, and
trust me it takes on a completely different meaning after
the past two days of festivities. I must say I really do
appreciate the quick learning and evolved adaptations of
Hopinononefoot!!! You can't even imagine - HA!! Nevermind
you already know too much. Chilled over Mr. Rampant
Philosophies' house last eve, finally got to chill with
Herbal Remedy, and saw the cutest lil Mexicano/Korean - Boy
Who Works in Ghetto Store. Unfortunately their ride was
Mr. Fake and Flashy. I maintained a civil attitude towards
him, but oh how I was dying to tell him where to go.
Anyhoo, I plan on taking on a new hobby. It is going to
involve a certain amount of acrobatic ability, flexibility,
stamina, and towels. Just fucking around Hoppy!!!!
Well, I have mad amounts of work today - so I am outtie for