Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2001-07-02 11:33:25 (UTC)

Life in a dream world

So there I was, living in a dream world, having a great
time, new boyfriend, nice weather, great friends, 2 jobs,
lots of money and exams over. This was my life. As it is my
life it just cannot stay that good! And it didnt. Friday
was a nightmare, the examiner didnt turn up until 2pm when
he was supposed to be there at 8:30am! Which meant I didnt
get to Challaborough until 8pm. That meant I had hardly any
time to see Bren. And I hardly saw him all weekend. But I
did see him enough to find out that he's leaving. hes going
back to Uni in September. September?!!!! That means we have
two months left together. 2 months?! Is it worth carrying
on?! R we just guna split after that?! I suppose I should
be asking Bren this. He's also been having alot of
arguments with the other staff, and threatening to leave
now. NOW?! I just can't handle this.....