Rebeccas Diary
2001-07-02 10:57:54 (UTC)

My life the soap opera

for the longest time i've just been so fucking confussed,
QUESTION: when did my life becom a soap opera, and
when did i becom able to do what i wanted with my life,
its trippy, i didnt plan on anything thing that happan, it
just dsid, and all of a sudden i've become so paranoid!
its like the truman show, it just feels like everyones
watching me whhen ever i do anything wrong. oh and
know what i dont get, how i actually found it cute when
jonah said that thing about liquor and i found it
adorable but when carlos ( little c the rat) was talking
about pot with krissy i was sooo utterly disgusted,
maybe cause its legal for him, and it symbolizes
maturity, but im mature, i dont need jonah, or anyone
else for that matter!